Nursing Depressed Family Members

Depression is a serious mental health issue. Those who suffer from serious depression are apathetic, have low self esteem, and may even have thoughts of suicide and self harm. This is why it is important for loved ones to be careful about how they go about nursing depressed family members. Approaching such issues with patience and an open mind ensure success. Nursing such individuals means attending to their physical and mental health needs and staying alert and aware.

Basic Needs

The first step to helping depressed family members is attend to their basic needs. It is important that the individual showers every single day, gets dressed, eats a balanced diet, and gets out of the house. The details matter as much as the big picture when it comes to helping someone with a mental health issue. Something as simple as getting dressed and going out for a walk can clear the mind.

Spend Quality Time with the Family Member

It is important that a caregiver spends quality time with their loved one. This means doing things like playing board games, watching movies, cooking and eating together, etc. Sitting in the same room together without talking is not quality time; it’s quantity time. Even if a person is depressed, it is important to pack the day full of errands and plans. This keeps his or her mind off of their depression.

Listen to Them

It is important that a caregiver actually listens to the family member. This is more than hearing their words. Instead, it means understanding where the person is coming from in regards to their thoughts, emotions, and depression. People need to make sure that they take the time to actively listen: leading in to the person, nodding, repeating back what the person says, and remembering the conversation. Doing all of this ensures that the family member feels like they are truly listened to and supported, which can help the depression.

Talk to a Professional

It is important to talk to healthcare professionals. Depression is more than feeling sad. Instead, it’s a serious condition that could mean a person needs medication. Therapy, medication, and the right nursing can help a person cope and deal with serious mental health issues.

Depression is no laughing matter. Nursing for someone who is sad and feels like life isn’t worth it is very serious. Caregivers really need to stay alert and take the time to communicate with the depressed family member. If things become very serious, it may be time to consult a mental health professional or doctor. The little things mean the most to someone battling with depression. This is why it is important to make the depressed person shower, get dressed, and fill their day with activities.